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Spam costs your business cash.

Did you realize that 58% of all email sent is delegated spam? With standard spam channels that accompany most email customers not being sufficiently proficient to get this spam, it can be expensive to your business. Organizations that don't have a successful spam channel set up, can produce costs up to $700 multi year per worker. This is a cost that can without much of a stretch be maintained a strategic distance from with a quality spam security arrangement from DIGMI Networking Resources.

Prevent Security Breaches

Forestall security dangers by limiting the human component. .

Against infection programs complete an extraordinary activity dispensing with conceivable security dangers using identifiable malevolent code and exercises. With constrained learning in the techniques for malevolent movement, they can settle on choices that supersede the warnings that are tossed when antivirus programs recognize unnatural conduct. In the event that spam sneaks past the gaps in your mail customer's spam channel and terrains in the inbox of a worker who doesn't know better, you could be at genuine hazard.

The Difference

Standard spam channels are not as compelling as the counter spam arrangement from DIGME Networking Resources.

Standard e-mail client spam filtering requires the user to define spam parameters per inquiry. Our anti-spam solution uses intelligent pre-designed filters and includes multiple layers of protection that stop phishing attempts, viruses, Denial of Service (DoS), Directory Harvest Attacks (DHA) and much more.

With this highly effective, low cost, hosted spam protection solution from DIGME Networking Resources, you increase your staff’s productivity, and eliminate cost associated with these types of threats. The service pays for itself with a rapid ROI.

The moment our e-mail spam solution is implemented, you’ll immediately notice the elimination of spam within your company’ s e-mail. Employees will no longer have to spend a portion of their day downloading and sifting through junk mail. Above all else, you virtually eliminate malicious attacks from e-mail spam and protect your company’s intellectual property.

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